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Poem: End Scene

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End Scene

Blood pool glimmers
thick and telling
oozing over the threshold
sticky, sickly
in the glow of moonlight
pouring silent secrets
into the narrow hall
and dispelling the black blanket
we call darkness

can be as dark
as this

And your bitter words
alone, unspoken
always trapped
inside a rusted cage
behind an unwilling tongue
take hostage the stale air
and fill our fragile lungs
almost as if
you are screaming

My insides threaten
to become my outsides
my steadfast gaze unable
to tear
away from the truth
lying at our careful feet
betrayed by time
but all I can think
is how much I hate
the colour red
and how it always seems to shriek
with unsatisfied desperation
the end

Gumshoes and corpse keepers
chatter above the radios
only partially ignoring
the soft noise of my steps
and without deciphering
their chicken-scratch notes
I can already see
behind my moist eyelids
the monochrome headlines
come the morning
threatening to ruin
the newest of days
for the unsuspecting

Yet I need no words to know
your light is gone



I wrote this poem July 16, 2014, but it stems from a shorter poem I wrote on July 12, 2014 and posted on Twitter. The idea was inspired by the #HeartSoup poetry prompt #128: Gone. It’s a FANTASTIC idea, writing poetry specifically to fit into the 140 character limit of Twitter. Talk about really forcing a writer to be succinct! I encourage everyone to take a shot.

Anyway, I’m pretty certain (100%) that the imagery and concept came from marathon-watching CSI … which comes after watching some Criminal Minds.

(And as I’m writing this, guess what I’m watching? That’s right: season 8 of CSI Las Vegas. I heart Grissom. I’m also on Team Grissom & Lady Heather. Melinda Clarke makes a fabulous dominatrix, just as much as she did an Amazon!)

So, that explains why this poem came out kind of … ick. Although why I used “gumshoes” … that’s totally because “detectives” didn’t sound even a third poetic! Maybe it’s just a bit of Greg Sanders’ character sneaking in.


Thoughts? Comments? Musings that go great with cookies from the Dark Side?

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