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Poem: Divide

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My heart stops
like a broken clock
springs unsprung
jabbing every which way
reaching for something
running further out of reach
like my emotions
pouring out before your eyes;
pools of me
meaning nothing to you,
begging for your shifting
awkward glance
to stop saying
everything your words
already haven’t.

Breath stolen,
the world spins,
dancing circles around me
without you,
taunting with those crushing truths
better left unspoken
leaping from your mouth
that once crushed mine,
yearning to spell out your passion
as if no words existed.

Abandon the honesty
you offer
to the empty
space between us
and give me a reason
not to fall to my knees.
Tell me a lie,
a crafted delusion
forced through your tender dry lips,
stable and unwavering,
and catch me with the net
of a never-will-be.

Illusions never hurt
as much
as losing

A poem about breaking up. Written in the wee hours of January 3, 2015, this came around as I was listening to the song “Unspoken” by Hurts. I went from working on one thing to grabbing a sheet of paper and scribbling down the poem. Admittedly, I had a couple of my characters in mind, so I just ran with it.



  1. Great poem, very well writen

    They think life’s as simple as deciding black or white,
    Not knowing it’s the grays between that keep you up at night

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