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The Fun Continues: More Character Pictures/Head Shots

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Welcome to 2015!

It’s been a long year. Though as I stare at the “To Do” list for 2015, I’m reminded this year will be just as demanding, if not a little more. So. Much. Editing. It figures that within the first few days of the new year, I’d be spending my days jamming to tunes and working on promotion. With the exception of a poem, I have yet to write anything (barring blogs and social media, naturally). But that’s coming. It’s like the social media binging, super creative hype before the rest of the storm. At the moment, there are three major projects on my table this year, one for each of my pseudonyms: For the Clan, a dystopian/fantasy romance with science fiction yearnings; Family Secret, a YA fantasy; and the second draft of Descent. This year’s challenge: get them all done before December 31. Or without damaging my keyboards. I could live with that.

In the meantime, I’ve been having an affair with GIMP and stock photos. Last week, I shared one of the character pictures I created for the Blood & Heritage series — mostly for the new website I’m putting together, but it’s also great for promo/marketing material. Still feeling the inspiration and the timing, I went and jumped on a couple more character pictures. Because you shouldn’t leave the protagonist/hero hanging out on his own. He gets lonely. Then weird things happen. Like plot bunnies.


Enter the Villain

To balance things out some, let’s check out the antagonist.




True to her nature, this picture was a PAIN to make. As I said on Twitter as I was finishing up: she’s got no consideration at all. Her spirit transcends the page and zaps itself into anything to do with her character. (Listen up, subconscious, I’m talking to you, too!)

Mostly it was just a lot of fighting with colours and getting things to work out with my still limited skill. Clone tool is my friend. Not to mention the Curves tool, one of the new bits I learned because I’m silly and didn’t play with it before. And now that I’m finally starting to understand that doggone Path tool, there are SO many more options. I did have some fun redesigning her dress, though. Even more amusement from creating a promo poster with her image after it was all done. Oooh, colour and texture.

While not exactly what I was hoping for, it’ll work… for now. She’s eventually going to get a facelift if I can find (*cough cough* make *cough cough*) a better piece of work. Unfortunately there are no stock photos of Eva Green in character from 300: Rise of an Empire… ^_^


But Wait, There’s More!

Hero? Check.

Villain? Check.

Next up on the character list… that pesky little heroine that inspires the villain to be more badass.


Before and after1


This one was more fun to make. Really just a matter of changing hair and eye colour. Then realized I forgot tattoos. Hello Pen/Pencil tool! Of course, I was improving at that point. Haven’t a clue what the rest of the tats look like. Yet.


Still a long way from what the professionals do — like the amazing Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art Studios or the jaw-dropping art of Eve Ventrue — but it’s a learning thing. No time better than now to learn a few new tricks!

And thank the Internet Gods for search engines and tutorials. Bless all of you graphic artists who take the time to assemble step-by-step instructions. I bow to your skill. Wish I could buy you a coffee.

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