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What It Means To Me : Intro

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“Now the problem with all of this material, a daily deluge, is finding a way to make sense of it, and more importantly, to find a way to share it with others.”

Here’s a good post to read from Jeffrey Goff about the journey he’s setting off on his blog: “What It Means To Me”, not limited to reviewing work but going into what he’s reading and finding that personal connection. It’s that kind of thing all authors seek to inspire in readers, but there’s just not enough talk about it, which is terribly unfortunate. His first installment, available at this post here,, is a fantastic story of connecting the writer self to another writer through the means of Twitter – but not just on the following side of things, but an actual connection from living, breathing soul to living, breathing soul.

Looking forward to reading more of this journey and seeing where it goes. I’m sharing this in hopes it might inspired some other authors and/or readers. I know it’s inspiring me, making me think that I’d like to do a similar sort of thing and try to bring in that personal connection.

All the best with it, Jeffrey!


 What It Means To Me


 “Now, just what is this?” you may ask. “More self-serving internet trash?”

Well, no, not exactly. Though anything with a personal pronoun in it is more than likely self-serving in some form. However, writing as a whole may be considered the egocentric shouts for attention from someone whose internal words are louder and more persistent than his/hers external voice. Not always, and blanket generalizations, though convenient and in vogue, are things I tried to avoid. Writers write for many reasons, and writers write about many diverse and wonderful places, people, scenarios, feelings, events. And the beauty of all these thoughts put to page is that, in this beautiful era of instant connections, I get to read them.

I am a writer who writes for reasons I don’t fully understand, and I don’t try to make sense of them. I just write and I…

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