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Dreams Eternal Magazine: Kickstarter to Raise $5,000 to Get Off the Ground + Submission Call

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‘Dreams Eternal Magazine is a subscription based bi-monthly E-Zine for Speculative Fiction. We began in January 2015. Our mission is to introduce readers to new writers while promoting independent authors. Each page of the E-Zine is filled with short stories, flash fiction, poetry, and interviews. Our goal is to bring aspiring writers to the foreground and allow their “one day” to become this day. With experience in the indie publishing world as well as working in literature review magazines, we promise to bring our best quality to the table.’


Help a new ezine get off the ground – and bring into the literary world new stories, poems, and thoughts from established and new writers! Especially indie writers, because they’re fabulous, too.

Dreams Eternal Magazine is running a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000 in funds. As the Editor-in-Chief, Amber Morant, recently posted on their website:

In order to help us pay our writers, artists, and editors I decided to create a Kickstarter. None of this money will line my pockets and will go into paying for services for everyone. Some of the backer rewards are for year subscriptions as well as subscriptions for yourself and a friend.

So I come to you all, the fans, to help make Dreams Eternal the best magazine that supports Independent and Small Published Writers. We want them to be qualified for memberships and by submitting to us we can do this without worries.


You can donate $1 or wayyyyy more. Check out the Kickstarter page for more info and the rewards you can earn just for donating.


They’re also looking for more submissions in the following genres:

– Science Fiction
– Fantasy
– Steam/Cyber Punk
– Dystopian/Utopian

In the future, they plan to introduce themes for the issues.

For more  info on manuscript length, format, and all of that good stuff, check out the guidelines on their site. It’s real easy… I just submitted a few poems.


►► And I can’t forget… the launch party on Facebook on June 1, 2015 to celebrate the first issue. It includes prizes, including the grand prize: a free subscription to the Dreams Eternal. Why not pop on over and say hello?


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