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Mystical Bites – Cover Reveal & Release Party!

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Cover Reveal & Release Party
for the Mystical Bites Anthology!

COVER - (smaller for blog)

Suspend your disbelief and let your imagination take you away. Trust yourself to fly as you follow 23 talented authors on a journey through magical realms. There, find love with a werewolf, make it rain with a coven of witches, fight alongside dragons, and more. Give into the magic, and step into our worlds.

The Mystical Bites anthology features more than two dozen works from authors around the world, including:


For What Is Taken by Reven Archer Black
Birth of the Guardians by Andrea L. Staum
Changeling by Nicole L. Daffurn
Devious Magic by Lexi Ostrow
Dragon Revealed by Heather M. Sharpe
Dream by Demetria Motsinger
Dusk by Jordanne Fuller
El Naddaha by Pavarti K. Tyler
Original Bite by Penelope Anne Bartotto
Renee and the Wolf by Jess Watkins
Salem Town by Jessica Slater
Shadows of Annwn by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
Solenger & the Breath of Fire by Cathrina Constantine
The Black Rose by Gina A. Watson
The Curious Absence of Dragons by K.C. Finn
The Evil Eye by Roxanne Milson
The Girl with the Red Balloon by Luke West
The Hunter Million by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
The Last Druid by Joe Dicicco
Will Blessings Be by C.L. McCollum


To celebrate, there’s an online Release Party on August 14th. Between now and then, the various authors will stop in and introduce themselves and their stories. You are officially invited to join us! Bring some pals, bring some snacks, and let’s party!


 To go to the event:


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  1. […] is here! That means that in a month and a half, the Mystical Bites anthology comes out. Yep, August 14th is rapidly […]


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