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A Tribute To Best Laid Plans: the Boourns/FML Reality of Being An Author {AKA: Updates}

Time: fickle and funny.
Being a writer: fickle and funny.
Combine the two together? A recipe for a workload disaster.


Okay, so maybe not a disaster. Just chaotic catastrophe that results in hair loss, endless days of staring at the screen and drooling a little, then waking up with one’s face stuck to the keyboard and “asdf” imprinted on one’s cheek only to stare longingly at the calendar and mourn the passing of nine months…

I discovered yesterday the last actual “update” I made on projects like Blood & Heritage was in March. Because sure, nothing says “you’re sooooo behind” like realizing six months have zipped right on by. Oh, wait, no, I’m wrong. Finding a post from January with my non-New Year’s Resolutions is worse. *face palm* So I’m thinking it’s probably a GREAT time for an update. >> Cue “this time on my blog” theme music… which sounds an awful like Ylvis’s “The Fox” with a chaser of The Guild’s “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar” <<


So Wuzzap?!
This spring and summer has been spent mostly on three things: my brother’s wedding, short story anthologies, and writing romances. To sum it up:

(1) The wedding was lovely and reminded me of how awesome my family is. I also slipped on my way back down the aisle with the two groomsmen. Because that’s my style.

(2) The anthologies are available now. ICYMI: my story Sundae (urban fantasy, paranormal) is in the Love Sucks anthology and For What Is Taken (urban fantasy, gay literature, with a touch of science fiction – sort of) is in the Mystical Bites anthology. And just for kicks, here’s the teaser for FWIT because I’m so happy with this story. And I LOVE how this teaser came out. This guy is a little bit yummy… and shh, I didn’t just say that.


FWIT-Kellen (80 percent)


(2) Romances. So another ICYMI: I write HEA love stories as Archer Kay Leah, which are mostly LGBTQA works right now since that’s the niche of my awesome publisher, Less Than Three Press. In the spring, I was working hard on a dystopian-science fiction fantasy romance (yeah, that’s a mouthful), which was picked up. Then there was a sudden project for a submission call, resulting in a fantasy romance with a little visual cortex science. Now I’m slaving over the sequel to A Question of Counsel.

Add a pinch of feeling like ick for about three weeks every time there’s a change in seasons, two weeks of a pinched back nerve and screwed up muscles, and some general shenanigans and what results is a longer To Do list. What else is new?


The Wonderful World of Blood & Heritage
So here’s the low-down and round-up on the series. Quick, quick like a bunny:

Book 1, Ascension, is still with the publisher. By the looks of it, it won’t be released until some time in 2016. I’m hoping to have some news towards the end of the year.

Book 2, Descent, is still in rewrites. Poor baby’s been shafted while I work on other projects. I do have about five chapters done so that’s something. Although there’s thirty-something chapters total, so maybe I’m not throwing confetti quite yet. I will say the outline’s insanely intense. I’m teasing out more of the personal stories of a couple main characters. Also found the climax and ending that’ll really put things into a tizzy. A mirror gets smashed, frustration and guilt run rampant, villains might win a little, and the good guys have to work THAT. MUCH. HARDER. (Does it make me a sadist if I admit that I’m really super excited about all of that?)

Now here’s the new news: I have a few novellas planned for the series. I’ve been playing with the idea of self-publishing some side projects about certain characters from the series because some of them have great stories that I want to tell so badly, but they just don’t fit into the books. I’m currently sitting on Awake & Dreaming, a short story I wrote for my beloved badass assassin, Menníenn, but it takes place between book 1 and 2 so I can’t release it yet. :S

Although in the last two months, I’ve started the outline for a trilogy of novellas around Néthyn, the sweet-but-deadly warrior priest and spy. The ideas have existed for a couple years now, but I didn’t get into the nitty gritty details until recently, thinking that maybe while I’m biding time for Ascension to come out, I could share some things about that world. The incredibly important stuff in Néthyn’s life happen before and during Ascension, and is entwined with other characters who don’t get much on-screen time in the books since it’s focused on Quji. There’s an opening to share some dark secrets that play into the rest of the series, so it’s a fun project. Right now, it’s entitled Stay In Shadow, or at least one of the stories is.

I’m hoping that after the latest romance is done, I’ll be back on top of B&H. I’ve also been smacked upside the head in the last 48 hours with a completely different set of novellas for two characters that won’t even be born until book 5 or 6 or something… They’re a sweet young couple and they’re definitely breaking my heart. I’m totally stoked to want to work on their stories but seriously, MORE WORK?!?! (And now I’m reminded that I’m also a masochist.)


In the spring, I went through a two week period of insomnia followed up by another two week period of insomnia (each with their specific personality). During that time, I didn’t write anything. But, oh, did I read. I binged on Sherrilyn Kenyon’s The League series. Then I got back into writing and expended some brain cells and was a happy kitten.

A few weeks ago, I went into binge mode again and read through the series (I blame Darling and Nykyrian for this because… because… DARLING and NYKYRIAN. *weeps from frustration and love*). I even managed to write a few reviews over at Goodreads.

I’ve also been kidnapped by a few different romance series written by my LT3 colleagues, T.T. Kove and Lexi Ander. My brain’s on fire. So many characters. Because it wasn’t already crowded up there.


… and that’s that. WIPs that are simmering on the back burner, biding their time until they can squeak back into the limelight. Here’s to hoping that happens soon. Is it too ridonculous to make Tenth-Month Resolutions?


Author Spotlight: Jordanne Fuller

This Author Spotlight is part of my Mystical Bites Anthology Blog Series, to promote authors involved in the anthology. Mystical Bites is now available at Amazon!

Now here’s a little about Jordanne Fuller.

Meet the Author

Jordanne Fuller is a mishmash of creative talents whirling into one another, solidified into a woman. She has been writing since she can remember but didn’t realize how much she enjoyed it until her poetry explosion at the age of sixteen. At twenty, she wrote her first unfinished novel that will likely never see the light of day. Now that she is thirty(ish) Jordanne has finished her first novel that she hopes to publish in the near future. Dusk is her first piece to enter the hands of a publishing company, and the stand alone prequel to Night, her current novel which is currently in the editing stages. She is working on many projects at the moment with the intention of publishing them all. She has recently gained status as a Top Ten International Bestseller on the Amazon Bestseller list for her contribution on the Love Sucks Anthology which features her story Troy; and Mystical Bites which features Dusk, published by Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly. She has also published both a short story in the Twisted Tales: A Paranormal Anthology, called The Flight of Phoenix; and another in Curse of the Heroines, called Trapped. Her spot in the Curse of the Heroines anthology was won in a short story contest, with a total of eight authors.

When not writing Jordanne likes to do various arts and crafts, but most of all she enjoys spending time with her son, fiancée and four cats. She has lived in Toronto for much of her adult life, but spent her childhood among many of the surrounding towns.


Jordanne’s Books

Love Sucks coverGina - TTCOVER - (smaller for blog)Curse of the Heroines





Love Sucks anthology: eBook  &  Paperback
Twisted Tales anthology: eBook  &  Paperback
Mystical Bites anthology: eBook  &  Paperback
Curse of the Heroines anthology: eBook  &  Paperback



Where You Can Find Her Online!

Facebook Pages:



On Goodreads:





Author Spotlight & Guest Post with Nicole L. Daffurn

This Author Spotlight is part of my Mystical Bites Anthology Blog Series, to promote authors involved in the anthology. Mystical Bites is now available at Amazon!

Now here’s a little about Nicole L. Daffurn.


Meet the Author

Sunshine, surf and family are the corner stones of Nicky’s world. Being born and raised on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia gave her the opportunity to chase her dream of photography and later novel writing. She fell in love with fantasy and dystopian and crafted stories with strong men and powerful women. As well as her many contributions to CHBB anthologies, her debut novel through Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly – Courageous Souls – was released November 6 2014. Her Second Novel – The Darkness Within was published February 5th 2015.  When she is not busy being an author, you will find her walking along the water with her husband or chasing after her two children.


Introduction to Changeling


In the woods of an old ruined city lies a secret that one teenage girl is about to unravel. Covered in strange black markings, Amelia feels like she is being called into the old city of her ancestors. Rumor has it a formidable witch lives within the derelict place, but Amelia won’t let that stop her from finding out the truth and finding out who she is.

Changeling is a ‘coming of age’/ ‘Coming into power’ story, which requires Amelia to channel all her strength and courage.


Behind the Scenes of Changeling

Changeling started its life while I was driving through Buderim in Queensland, Australia. Although there are houses tucked in here and there on one side of the drive, they seem like they are miles away. On the other side of the road, the forestry is quite dense and I wondered on this particular day whether any old ruins lay about in amongst those trees. After all, forests hold millions of secrets. My imagination took off on me and I recorded my thoughts on my phone as I drove. The story snowballed, and so, is what it is today.


The Music Behind the Inspiration

I always have music playing when I am writing, so it should come as no surprise that I had a fairly large playlist for writing Changeling as well. Today I’ve compiled a list of songs/playlists that have inspired me with this story and many more. I would love to list them all for you, but we would be here for days if I were to do that, so I am going to settle for a smaller list instead, and hope that the music that inspires me, can also inspire you.

The Studio Ghibli Collection (ALL of it! I love all the Studio Ghibli soundtracks, and my list isn’t complete without it)

Sia – My Love
Sia – Elastic Heart
Florence and the Machine (Again, ALL of it!)
Evanescence – My Immortal
Evanescence – Good Enough
Kelly Sweet – Dream on
Eddie Vedder – You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars – Safe and Sound
The Civil Wars – Poison and Wine



What’s Next for Nicole L. Daffurn?

At the moment I am working on several books. These include a young adult romance called After The Rain, a World War II romance named Love, Lucas, the second full installment of The Valguard Trilogy and several short stories.

Coming up on October 7th is the release of Cogs in Time III, which features my short story ‘Murder Upon The Last Airship’ and will be published by CHBB Publishing. Watch my website, or subscribe to my mailing list for the release of all these books and more.


Where You Can Find Me
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“Curse of the Heroines” – Cover Reveal/Release Party! [Sat, Sept 5]

party image


Here’s another new release for your shopping cart and it’s PARTY TIME! The Curse of the Heroines anthology, presented by the Fantasy Writers group on Facebook, is coming out in a couple days. I’m a member of the group and they’ve been such a super helpful bunch on my writing path! (Really… Ascension couldn’t have gotten finished without their help).


So here we are…the cover reveal & release party ONLINE at Facebook:


Saturday, September 5th kicks off the Curse of the Heroines, an anthology of women behaving badly. They go against the norm in their societies through their actions. On their very different journeys, each heroine decides whether to be good or evil. Which side will you choose?

Presenting stories by:

Angel Blackwood — Kingmaker
Chadden Magdalena Basnik — Deliver Them From Evil
Gina A. Watson — Four Dragons of the Apocalypse
Joann M. Shevock — Aradace of the Surr-Nakki
John Ryers — The Bridgemaster’s Daughter
Jordanne Fuller — Trapped
Kyle Della-Rocco — Saving Grace
Maeve laFey — Last of the Dragons
Tom Atwood — Rey of Light


Join us Saturday as this new antho kicks off! Because HEROINES ARE COOL. Bad? Good? They’re all winners of their own stories.


And psssst…. I’m hosting at 4pm EST on Saturday, Sept 5. One word: PRIZES! I’ll be giving away FREE copies of stuff, anthologies in which I’ve had short stories and a copy of my F/F fantasy romance novel under my alter ego’s name (there’s not just one heroine, but TWO!), so come on by. Say hello. Stay awhile! 😀

Here’s the link to the party again:



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