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Author Spotlight: Heather M. Sharpe

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This Author Spotlight is part of my Mystical Bites Anthology Blog Series, to promote authors involved in the anthology. Mystical Bites is now available at Amazon!

Now here’s a little about Heather M. Sharpe.



Dragon Revealed (Heathers)


Dragon Revealed

She took her fiance home to meet her family, but now has to trust that he can handle their secrets. Amanda Taylor goes home deep in the jungle of South America every year to visit her family. This year her fiance, Chris, insisted that she take him with her. Reluctantly Amanda agrees, although she has no idea how she’ll expain that her family lives in the jungle to hide the fact that dragons are real. And he’s about to marry one.


I grew up in a very small town (my graduating class was 25). While I was writing Dragon Revealed I heard that a 37 year old mother of 4 from back home had passed away suddenly while cleaning in the basement. I was dumbfounded. Amanda was several years older than me so I’d only spoken to her a few times when she contacted me to arrange some promo on our city’s website for my writing. She was the older sister of one of my classmates, and her mother is a good friend, though. Thoughts of Amanda, and the wonderful, loving person she was, filled me as I wrote Dragon Revealed. It’s no wonder that she helped to form the basis of Amanda Taylor’s character.



About Heather


Heather M. Sharpe is a former teacher turned stay-at -home mom. She is married to her best friend, and together they do their best to keep up with their adventurous 3yo son and his collection of 37 pets ranging from cats and dogs to turtles and chickens.

Heather loves to connect with readers about her books, cute pictures, or yummy recipes.


Heather M. Sharpe website



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