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Series in Progress: Blood & Heritage


The Blood & Heritage Series is an adult epic fantasy series.



Repression, slavery, genocide.
An empire built on cruelty and violence against innocent people.
This is what the enemy will bring.

And one family will lead the fight against it all.


Defense has a new name: Laroe, a new breed of royalty born from the most unlikely of circumstances. An unpredictable family of priests, nobles, assassins, bounty hunters, and soldiers, they hold more power over their world than anyone expected… and they do not always play by the social rules. But that should be the least of anyone’s worry. Their personal tragedies make them dangerous: they have seen the dark side of humanity and lived to tell.

They will be no one’s victims anymore.

Led by Quji, a man with a violent past he cannot escape, the Laroe family is a new hope for a new world. At the height of the political tension between continents, they are pawns, caught between the games of the Gods and the games of Man.

They are also the trigger for the war everyone has been waiting for.


Blood & Heritage is a story of family and standing up against brutality and fear despite the odds and sacrifices. Themes include breaking the cycles of violence, challenging injustice, and protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

As their world changes around the threat of shifts in power, the Laroe family faces trials that challenge who they are and their ability to stay together. Success is any day they wake to take another breath. Their story is one of extraordinary lengths for survival and the price they have to pay – even when it means doing great evils to do the most good, doing some good to do the most evil, or giving up everything. It is a turbulent world of international politics, war, and greed balanced with touches of romance, chivalry, and the selflessness of loved ones.

This isn’t a series of fairytales.

This isn’t about happy endings.

This is a dark world of fantasy brought to life by living.


Book 1:  Ascension

Book 2:  Descent

Book 3:  Fragment


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