Reven Archer Black: Author of Fantasy & Speculative Fiction

Book 1: Ascension


Blood & Heritage, Book #1: ASCENSION

For centuries, their world has waited for a war.
Now he has the power to start it.


Quji - Headshot 1Quji knew he was signing his life over to a complete stranger. He never expected her to be a tyrant he needed to destroy.


His life has always been a series of wrongs. He thought running away from his abusive father would solve everything. It did. Kind of. Once he became king after a lucky break from destiny, he thought he had it made. Even after being manipulated into marrying Phaedrya, Quji believes in the power of marital bliss.

Giving her everything will make him more a prisoner than he could ever imagine. She wants to destroy the country; he wants to get rid of her without violence reminiscent of his father.

Her ambition is dangerous and stopping her will start a war – a promise, not a threat. If he runs, the people he has promised to protect will die. If he stays, he can save lives but will ultimately lose his own.

When hope comes in the form of a young woman he cannot sacrifice, the real battle begins.


Project Status: Querying literary agents and publishers (as at October 26, 2015).


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